Walnut Kung Pao Chicken

Kung Pao Chicken taught by mother. There is a taste of home.

Kung Pao Chicken taught by mother. There is a taste of home.


chicken 350g
garlic 4 petals
Ginger 2 tablets
shallot 1
walnut 20 grams
Dried chili 4 pieces
soy sauce The right amount
Tempeh The right amount
salt a little
Cooking oil a little
Zanthoxylum bungeanum 5 pcs
Cooking wine The right amount
Dry starch a little

Dice the chicken, add soy sauce and dry starch to marinate for about 10 minutes; beat the garlic, shred the ginger, cut the dried chili in half, and cut the onion into sections.

Take a small bowl, add a little soy sauce, cooking wine, tempeh to adjust the juice

Heat the pan without adding oil, break the walnuts into small pieces with your fingers, and saute the pan. After smelling, put the pot into a small bowl and set aside

Add oil to the wok, heat it over high heat, deep fry the peppercorns, remove the peppercorns

Garlic, ginger, dried chili and saute

Add chicken, stir-fry until cooked 8 minutes, add sauce (step 2)

Add fried walnuts, stir fry evenly; add shallots, stir well

Dry starch is mixed with water starch to thicken, close the pot and cover to turn off the flame. carry out!

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