Vegetable sauce

It's a hot summer day.

It's a hot summer day.


Kuju 100 g
Flammulina velutipes A bag
Dried tofu A small piece
cucumber Half root
carrot Half root
parsley The right amount
Jelly, mung bean sprouts Two rolls, the right amount
Fish sauce Seafood soy sauce, soy sauce, vinegar, oil consumption, sugar, lemon juice
The ratio of fishing juice is 2: 1: 1: 1, sugar and lemon juice are added according to your own preference

Blanch the Flammulina velutipes, dried tofu (shredded), and mung bean sprouts

The practice of vegetable juice

Bitter chrysanthemum, coriander, cold skin, cucumber, carrot, ready for use

Vegetable juice practice Step 2

Pair the iced mineral water with the prepared juice, put the above dishes in a plate, pour the juice, and finally put the chili oil. Place in the refrigerator to refrigerate and take it out when eating. More tasty

Vegetable juice practice Step 3

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