Tiramisu Soft Body Cup Edition

Mainly from the recipe of cat cat baking, supplemented with novice tips

Mainly from the recipe of cat cat baking, supplemented with novice tips


Mascapone 250g
yolk 2 pcs
Caster sugar 45g
Light cream 130g
Coffee Honey Liqueur The right amount
Finger cookies The right amount

Take the fresh eggs out of the refrigerator, put them at room temperature and use an egg separator to separate the egg whites from the egg yolks.

Place egg yolk and caster sugar in a bowl and stir. I feel that Taikoo's young sugar is good, but the feeling of Korean sugar is still a little rough, it is not easy to melt

Pour water into the pot, put the bowl containing the egg yolk and sugar in a pot with water, heat it in a water bath, and stir while heating until the sugar melts and the egg yolk becomes lighter in color. (The solidification temperature of the egg yolk is between 68-71 degrees Celsius, and it is safer to control the water temperature within 50 degrees, which can prevent the egg yolk from ripening and sand.)

Whip 130g of whipped cream with an eggbeater until it is grainy. It doesn't need to be hard. The cream is dispensed with ice water. Generally speaking, it is distributed at seven times. That is, the egg head is pulled up, the cream paste sags at the sharp corners, and the light cream is slightly fluid.

Crush mascarpone with a blender

Add egg yolk paste to cheese paste and mix well, then mix well with whipped cream

Take finger biscuits and dip them in coffee wine. Do not soak them all, so that the wine tastes too heavy to cover the taste of mascarpone, and the finger biscuits will be bad. If the cup is small, you can break the finger cookies and spread it to the bottom of the cup.

A layer of finger biscuits, a layer of mascarpone paste, the top of the uneven can be slightly scraped with a spatula. Finger biscuits will rise, so layer a layer of biscuits and paste, put it in the refrigerator and take it out to continue the operation.

Sift a layer of cocoa powder with a powdered sugar sieve

Put it in the refrigerator to refrigerate, and you can enjoy it after four hours.

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