Sunshine Tomato Beef Noodle

Breakfast on 2013-07-09

Breakfast on 2013-07-09


tomato 1
beef The right amount
surface For two
Cantaloupe The right amount
black pepper powder
Oyster sauce

Boil the hot water in the pan, cook it under the surface, pick up after the noodles are cooked, drip some oil, and mix it to prevent it from sticking too long

Beef is marinated one night in advance, cut into small pieces, add appropriate amount of salt, black pepper and a spoonful of oil. Add a teaspoon of raw powder before mixing

Heat the pan, add oil and heat, stir fry the beef until it changes color and rise

Pour the tomatoes, fry the water, add two spoons of white sugar, and pour the beef when the tomatoes 7 or 8 are mature

Take a bowl, add oyster sauce, raw powder, salt, and an appropriate amount of water to make tomato beef with sauce, to be boiled.

Put the tomato beef and sauce on the top

Cut a bowl of honeydew melon, hold the noodle bowl to the place where there is sunshine and eat in the sunshine ~ (¯﹃¯) ~

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