Steamed Chicken Cake


1. Fresh eggs 2 pcs
2. table salt
3. Ham sausage
3. Nori

Beat two eggs well

Steam Chicken Cake Step 1

Add the same amount of water as the egg liquid, you can add a little more, but too much water will be thin

Steam Chicken Cake Step 2

Sieve the egg sieve once or twice to filter out air bubbles and unbroken parts

Steamed Chicken Cake Step 3

Add a little salt and mix well, cover with plastic wrap and place on top of the rice cooker when steaming rice. (When not steaming rice, pour boiling water to steam below)

Steam Chicken Cake Step 4

Cut out the pig's nose, ears and mouth

Steam Chicken Cake Step 5

After ten minutes, take out the bowl, the eggs have solidified, put the pig's nose and ears into it and continue to steam

Okay ~ a cute piggy chicken cake is finished!

Steamed Chicken Cake Step 7

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