Pumpkin and Egg Noodle

Simple little staple food

Simple little staple food


Fresh pumpkin flower Half a catty
egg 2 pcs
flour Several
tomato 2 pcs
oil The right amount
salt The right amount

First wash the pumpkin flowers and dry them with water. The petals are separated from the flower stems. The separated melon flowers are shredded or chopped (not too broken)

Flour and a small amount of water and stir into a thin paste, then add eggs and continue to stir evenly, let the appropriate amount of oil and salt

Pour the cut melon flowers into the egg batter and mix well. It is better to cover the melon flowers slightly with the batter

Pour a small amount of oil on the pot, heat it on a fire, then pour in a proper amount of melon flower batter, turn to a small fire, spread the batter into a circle, let the batter be fully heated and suitable for thickness, move and flip, so that both sides are fried to yellow And out of the pot

After the noodles are fried, use a knife to cut the pieces (I used a spatula to shovel them out, and fry them one by one).

Boil tomato sauce and pour it on the noodles

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