One of Yangzhi Ganlu's favorites


One grapefruit, one large mango, 50 grams of sago, 200 grams of coconut milk, 200 grams of milk, appropriate amount of whipped cream, appropriate amount of white sugar

Pour sago into boiling water.

After boiling until there is a small white spot in the middle, pour out the rinse water.

Continue to pour into the boiling water, stirring constantly, cook until transparent, use a filter sieve to rinse with cold water, drain and set aside.

Grapefruit peels off the meat, kneads it and puts it in the refrigerator for use.

Mango takes meat.

Most of it was beaten with a blender, and the remaining half was diced.

Coconut milk with milk, put the right amount of sugar (according to your taste), cook until the sugar melts. Let cool and set aside.

Place the cooked coconut milk in a bowl, add the mango puree, then add the grapefruit and diced mango.

Yang Zhi Gan Lu's practice of one of the favorites Step 8

Pour the appropriate amount of light cream, the taste is better after refrigeration.

Yang Zhi Ganlu's practice of one of the favorites Step 9

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