Matcha Pudding


Pure milk
Fine sugar
Light cream
Hot water
Gelatin tablets
Matcha powder

Prepare a small bowl of ice water and a large bowl of ice water in advance. . .

How to make matcha pudding Step 1

The gelatin tablets are soaked in ice water and soaked in order to prevent the bubbles from soaking … It is best to put them in the refrigerator and refrigerate them.

Matcha Pudding Step 2

.Matcha powder is melted with a little hot water

Matcha Pudding Step 3

Add the rest of the hot water and flush out the matcha powder. This is what it looks like ~ Uji Matcha I use, different brands may have different colors ~ Put the matcha liquid aside.

Matcha Pudding Step 4

Put pure milk and fine granulated sugar into the milk pan, cook slowly over low heat, no need to boil, as long as the granulated sugar melts, you can turn off the heat.

Matcha Pudding Step 5

. Slowly pour light cream, and matcha liquid

Matcha Pudding Practice Step 6

Stir well.

Matcha Pudding Step 7

Sift the cooked pudding liquid 2 to 3 times to ensure a smooth taste ~

Matcha Pudding Step 8

Put the sieved pudding liquid in a large pot of prepared ice water and cool it thoroughly. During the stirring process, you will find that the pudding liquid becomes thicker and thicker ~

Matcha Pudding Step 9

Dispense the cooled pudding solution in a small bottle, close the lid, and put it in the refrigerator to refrigerate for more than 2 hours, or overnight ~

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