Lettuce Wrapped Meat

Korean barbecue style!

Korean barbecue style!


Pork belly 300G
lettuce 200G
onion Half
green pepper One
Miso Fluttershy
Garlic slices

The pork belly was washed and peeled with warm water, and sliced three millimeters thick.

Wash the lettuce and rinse with pure water. Slice onion and green pepper.

Heat the pan, the pork belly is tiled, slowly roast until the meat is yellowed, turn it over with the chopsticks and continue to fry until it is yellowed, start the pot and fill the bowl.

Pour the onion and green pepper into the remaining oil in the pot, stir fry until dead, and turn off the heat.

Spread the fried onion and green pepper on the bottom of the dish and pour the pork belly on top.

Served with washed lettuce, garlic slices and miso

The roasted pork belly, dipped in miso, wrapped in lettuce, can be enjoyed beautifully, the taste is not worse than that in a Korean restaurant!

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