Leek box


The right amount of flour 3 eggs, 1 leek, 1 handful of vermicelli
salt Chicken powder lard

Pour appropriate amount of boiling water into the flour and stir with chopsticks. Pour slowly, don't pour too much at a time to avoid thinning.

Cover with plastic wrap by hand and smooth round balls for 15 minutes.

The vermicelli is chopped after being softened with water blisters.

Tap the eggs into a large bowl and beat well.

Wash the leeks, drain, and chop for use

After the pan is hot, add an appropriate amount of oil (more than usual), the oil is boiled until it is hot, pour the egg liquid, and quickly stir it with chopsticks. (It can be better to shred with a knife)

Put the scrambled eggs and crushed vermicelli into the chopped leeks, add appropriate amount of salt, chicken powder and lard and mix well.

Remove the awakened dough and divide into evenly divided portions.

Take a portion of the dough, roll it into round slices, and put an appropriate amount of filling.

After wrapping, use a fork to press the pattern on the sides.

The practice of leek box Step 10

After the pan is hot, put in an appropriate amount of oil to heat it, put it in a wrapped leek box, and slowly fry until golden on medium-low heat

The practice of leek box Step 11

Turn over and continue to fry until golden.

The practice of leek box Step 12

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