Grandma's Smoked Fish (Mackerel)


Spanish mackerel
soy sauce 4 parts
Rice wine 1 serving
MSG Can be omitted

Mackerel is frozen, thawed and sliced. The so-called defrosting is to get the faucet and rinse for half a minute, don't be too much! Wash after slicing, remove offal, and drain.

Grandma's Smoked Fish (Mackerel) Step 1

Pour in soy sauce to color, rice wine to go fishy, add a little MSG, gently grasp. Do not have too much soy sauce, salty. Or mix soy sauce rice wine and put the mackerel fillets one by one to take a bath.

Grandma's Smoked Fish (Mackerel) Step 2

Put the marinated mackerel fillets on the grill to dry the skin. It must be done, otherwise it will be a bomb in a while.

Grandma's Smoked Fish (Mackerel) Step 3

Sit oil in the pot, about a centimeter deep.

Grandma's Smoked Fish (Mackerel) Step 4

No bubbles in the oil, fillet

Grandma's Smoked Fish (Mackerel) Step 5

The fried fish is air-cooled and put in a fresh-keeping bag. Eat and refrigerate within a week, or freeze for longer.

Grandma's Smoked Fish (Mackerel) Step 6

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