Grain Mango Coconut Parfait

Those who love mangoes! gogogo …

Those who love mangoes! gogogo …


Mango (pros who like mango can put more) 1
milk 250g
Coconut milk (can be added in moderation) Around 100g
Fish glue powder (fish film) 15g
sugar 25-30g
Water (for soaking fish glue powder) 20g (soaked with fish glue powder)

Add the water to the fish gelatin powder, stir well, and heat it to melt completely in water! stand-by!

Heat the milk until it rolls with coconut milk and sugar, turn off the heat! Stir until the sugar is completely melted! (Milk rolling too long will affect the taste!)

Add 1 to 2 and let cool! Add the mango grains and serve!

Refrigerate, around 5 ℃! (Don't let the freezing freeze, it will fail, don't worry, pro!)

To answer everyone ’s question, agar can not replace gelatin

How to make Mango Coconut Milk Parfait Step 5

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