Fresh Oyster Omelet

The average person can eat

The average person can eat


Fresh oysters 150g
egg 4
shallot 10g
salt 3g
Chicken powder 2g
pepper 2g
Flour 3g

Knock the eggs into the bowl and stir.

Wash the fresh oysters with raw powder, drain the water and set aside.

60g of oil under the hot pot, stir fried oysters into a large bowl.

Stir-fry oysters with 15g of oil and pour out the diced.

Put the oyster grains in the egg liquid and add seasoning.

Heat the oil in the pan, pour half of the egg liquid into the pan over low heat and mix well. Pour into the original bowl and stir to add chopped green onion.

In a separate pot, pour in a little peanut oil and pour the egg syrup into the pot over low heat. Slowly fry until slightly yellow.

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