Easy Bear Chocolate Mousse


Fish glue powder 10g
milk 100g
sugar 30g
fresh cream 250ml
dark chocolate 100g

1. Mix the fish gelatin powder into the cold milk properly, add lemon juice (to remove the fishy smell of fish gelatin powder), and mix the heat-insulated water evenly, until there are no obvious particles;

Easy Bear Chocolate Mousse Step 1

.Fresh cream is beaten to 6-7%, which is thick and can flow; dark chocolate melts in hot water;

Quickly add the fish gelatin milk to the whipped cream, stir quickly while pouring; then pour the melted chocolate and mix well to form a cake filling;

Qifeng cake slice, cut into the shape of a bear.

Take 10 grams of chocolate and put it in a decorative bag to melt the insulation water, and squeeze the shape of the nozzle in the mold.

Take a little melted fish gelatin milk and whipped whipped cream, mix well, put it in a decorative bag and squeeze it on the bear's nose and belly. Then put it in the refrigerator for a few minutes.

Pour in the remaining mousse liquid, then put the cut cake pieces into the refrigerator and put them in the refrigerator to refrigerate overnight.

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