Cheese Curry Baked Rice

# Everyone ’s home should have an oven #

# Everyone ’s home should have an oven #


Mozzarella cheese Come casually
Commercial curry cubes According to the amount of rice, usually one piece
Cold meal
Hot water
Salt, black pepper, butter The right amount

Overnight rice is adjusted with water to separate the rice grains. [Forget where to see this method, you can make the rice less sticky and easy to fry] and then put a small piece of butter in the pot and put the rice in to fry, + salt + black Pepper, do n’t have too much, because there is curry paste, and spread it on the plate

Put the hot water in the pot. The exact amount depends on how much sauce you need. I just put it == and then put the curry block to melt it. Try the taste and decide how much salt to add, because it will generally be light. [In terms of curry taste, I think Bai Meng Duo is the best. I bought it at the city supermarket last time. . . It smells very fragrant and tastes completely curry-free. This is what happened. . . ] Add the right amount of milk [because my coconut milk is not opened. . . Light cream is reluctant to add. . . So choose milk to add some flavor]

Then just pour the curry paste on top of the rice, sprinkle with cheese and bake in the oven at 200 degrees for about 15 minutes! ! ! Fried chicken simple fried chicken delicious delicious la la la la

I have some macaroni left, so I put the rice on it and it was just as delicious! The method of macaroni is the same as that of cooking rice. It is enough to cook the macaroni first, but if you only make noodles, it is recommended to stir the noodles in curry sauce and slightly collect the juice, otherwise the taste may be too light. . .

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