Carassius auratus

This is a delicious meal!

This is a delicious meal!


Carassius auratus Two
green pepper Small amount
Ginger A few pieces
Dried chili 6
Zanthoxylum bungeanum A handful
shallot 2 roots
garlic 4
Pixian Douban A spoon
Cooking wine a little
vinegar a little
Sugar a little
salt a little

Wash the crucian carp cleanly, use a knife on both sides of the belly, and touch salt on both sides of the belly to marinate for a while, so as to taste better during the burning process.

Wash and shred the green pepper

Wash and slice ginger

Wash the dried chili and set aside

Prickly ash washed and set aside

Onion cleaning and cutting off

Garlic cleaned and sliced

Add cooking oil to the pan and heat, add ginger and garlic until fragrant, pour the crucian carp on both sides and fry until golden, pour some cooking wine, vinegar, add a little sugar to freshen, add a little salt, pour into a small bowl and boil, add when the water is boiling Green pepper, dried chili, Chinese pepper, Pixian bean curd stew will be added, and finally add onion!

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