Braised pork belly with frozen tofu and cabbage


Pork belly (with skin)
Chinese Cabbage
frozen tofu
soy sauce
Oyster sauce
Chicken essence

Chinese cabbage is torn into small pieces by hand, pork belly slices or small pieces;

Cut the melted frozen tofu into pieces;

Heat the pan without oil until it becomes 60% hot. Put the pork belly into the pan and fry over low heat; add the onion and ginger and stir fry quickly after the oil is out

When the meat is slightly yellow on both sides, it is ready for use;

Use the remaining oil to put the torn cabbage in the pan and stir fry water;

Add frozen tofu block and boil over fire;

Add pork belly, sprinkle with pepper and oyster sauce, and simmer slowly for half an hour to 40 minutes;

Add a little salt and chicken essence when you come out.

Stewed pork belly with frozen tofu cabbage Step 8

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