【Summer Dessert】 Fruit dumplings

I love sweet summer! ❤

I love sweet summer! ❤


Glutinous rice noodles
Raspberry (or other fruits you like)
White sugar

Diced strawberries and raspberries. Can be replaced with other fruits ~ (・ ิ ω ・ ิ)

Glutinous rice flour and water are rubbed into small round balls about 1cm in size.

Set aside what you want to eat, and keep the rest in the refrigerator for freezing. Be careful to leave a gap between them when freezing, otherwise they will stick to each other. After a little freezing, you can move it into a fresh-keeping bag to continue freezing.

Bring the water to a boil, put the small round balls in the pot and cook until they are all floating. Remove and place in a bowl with diced fruits.

The white sugar and the hot soup that has just been boiled are made into a dessert and poured on top of the fruit dumplings. You can also add honey or fruit juice ~~ (* ▽ *)

(Children's shoes that don't like hot soup and fruit can wait for the sugar water to cool before putting in the fruit to eat)

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