White meat

It is delicious, fat but not greasy.

It is delicious, fat but not greasy.


Pork belly 400G
apple One quarter (must be peeled)
Red wine 20G
White vinegar

Wash the pork belly and cut into 4-5 cm square pieces, put the skin up into the soup pot.

Add apples, red wine, and pour in clean water. If the water hasn't passed the meat, boil the fire and turn it to a small fire.

Stew on low heat for about an hour, the meat skin can be easily inserted with chopsticks.

After the meat is removed, rinse the foam with pure water. After cooling, cut into 3 mm slices of meat. (Pay attention to the texture of the meat when cutting, otherwise it will affect the taste of the meat)

Take a small dish, add garlic paste, pour delicious fresh, a small amount of sugar, monosodium glutamate, white vinegar and mix well, used for white cut meat dip.

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