Thai Mango Sticky Rice

1 serving

1 serving


Mango (Ivory Mango is the best) 1
Domestic white glutinous rice Small half bowl
Coconut milk The right amount
salt The right amount
water The right amount

After washing the glutinous rice, put it in a pressure cooker or rice cooker, add the right amount of coconut milk and salt to just submerge the surface, and then add a small bowl of water. Cooked, the time is almost 14 minutes.

When cooking glutinous rice, you can process the mangoes first. The mangoes are peeled with a fruit planer, and then the pits are cut vertically.

Thai Mango Sticky Rice Step 2

Then peel the flesh from the mango along the horizontal direction of the core.

Thai Mango Sticky Rice Step 3

The coconut milk from Thailand is used. Spread the mango meat with glutinous rice and then drizzle with coconut milk.

Thai Mango Sticky Rice Step 4

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