Spicy spicy noodles

This bowl of noodles is really delicious! ! ! ! !

This bowl of noodles is really delicious! ! ! ! !


Chili noodles
Pepper noodles
Black sesame
Small vegetables
Homemade hand rolled noodles
chopped green onion

Sprinkle the spicy noodles first, the ratio of chili noodles and pepper noodles is one to two, with appropriate amount of salt, fried black sesame seeds, mix well, put garlic on the noodles, pour the burnt hot oil on the garlic , Stir, then pour hot oil ~~~ full house fragrance

Roll out the noodles in your hands, cook in a pot of boiling water, turn off the heat after cooking, put the small greens in the pot, and let the heat cooked.

Put vinegar, sugar, salt garlic in the bowl, then pour some hot noodle soup to prepare, and now you can put the cooked noodles out, and finally put coriander and spring onion ~~~ too rice grain ~~~~~

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