Good friend Momo's recipe ~ Spaghetti with red sauce, no one doesn't like it

Good friend Momo's recipe ~ Spaghetti with red sauce, no one doesn't like it


pasta 1 package
beef inside Half a catty
ketchup Two packets
tomato 4
onion 1
green pepper 1
olive oil a little
Garlic, pepper powder, salt, rock sugar The right amount
Basil, thyme, pepper a little
cheese powder The right amount

Marinate the meat with a little salt, red wine and pepper for 20 minutes

Dice onion and green pepper and mince garlic.

Cut the cross on the top of the tomato, scald it in hot water, peel and dice. Don't burn it for a long time, otherwise it will rot and it is not easy to fry.

Start cooking, add the right amount of olive oil, add the minced garlic when the heat is 60%, stir fry, add the meat filling, stir fry and remove.

Start cooking, add appropriate amount of olive oil, when 80% is hot, first chopped onion, stir-fry the onion flavor, add green pepper diced, see the green pepper skin burst pattern, pour the fried meat filling, stir-fry again Seeing that the onions have softened, add the diced tomatoes after the green peppers have shrunk and stir fry evenly.

Guan Xiaohuo, add Xinjiang tomato sauce, [there are no hard requirements that must be added, look at personal taste, or look at the taste of Xinjiang tomato sauce purchased, generally for 3 servings of pasta sauce, I will increase the spoon by 4 tablespoons ]. Add a small piece of rock sugar to bring out the umami of the ingredients. Garlic, a little thyme, half a teaspoon of pepper and pepper powder. Mix well in the same direction and add the broth or water, depending on the ingredients, just a little more ingredients, and finally smell the fragrance, if the meat taste is not enough, add a teaspoon of red wine, not salty enough, you can add A little salt, turn off the heat until the sauce is thick.

There is nothing special about cooking the noodles. Add salt and a teaspoon of olive oil to the boiled water. Take the pasta, stir the pasta in the direction with chopsticks, boil the water to cook, and remove the water.

Put the pasta on the plate, pour the sauce, and finally sprinkle with a little cheese powder.

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