Small Salted Fish Bean Pot


50g small salted fish
400 grams of long beans
3 shiitake mushrooms
50g light green
Half red pepper
Chicken essence

Stir-fried bean oil should be fully flavoured. It is best to fry it when the beans are green to green.

How to cook small salted fish and beans

Method: 1. Small salted fish is first cooked in a small amount of frying, 2. Pour into a casserole and set aside, 3. Heat a large pot, put a proper amount of oil in the pot, pour the beans and stir fry, 4. Add mushrooms , 5. Add seasonings, pour the right amount of water, boil 6. Pour the beans into the casserole, turn it with chopsticks, mix well with the small salted fish, 7. Close the lid, turn to medium heat and cook for 5 minutes, 8 . Add the light white and red pepper, then cover and cook for 2 minutes. 9. Cooked beans,

How to cook small salted fish and beans

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