Sands carrots


Salted Egg Yolk
soy sauce

Salted egg yolk. Place the egg yolk in a bowl, add a little cooking wine, and steam on the cage for fifteen minutes.

Steamed egg yolk. This egg yolk was steamed at noon, and the dishes were made the next morning. I did n’t use a kitchen, so the bottom of the dish was different.

Sands carrot approach Step 2

The materials needed to make golden sand carrots.

Cut the slightly thicker slices of carrots on the cage and steam for five minutes.

Twist five to six egg yolks in a small bowl, and I use a rolling pin.

Sands carrot approach Step 5

Steamed carrots, if there is excess water, pour it out.

Pour the oil in the wok, put the minced yolks upside down and stir fry over low heat.

There will be a lot of bubbles in the egg yolk.

Add carrot sticks to turn evenly, so that each carrot is covered with crushed egg yolk. You can add a small amount of salt and soy sauce to adjust the taste.

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