Red Fish Dried Pork Ribs Porridge


Celery grains
White porridge-casserole
chopped green onion
Ginger slices
Winter vegetables
Salted Red Fish Dried 1 Two
Pork ribs half a catty
MSG (not required)
Chicken Essence (can not be put)
Soy sauce (not required)
peanut butter

Ingredients: 1. White porridge and a casserole (amount eaten by 4 people), 2. Green onion, ginger slices, celery grains, winter vegetables each amount, dried salted red fish grains 1 or 2 (to clean the spines), 3. Half ribs, 4 . Pad base, pad with green leaves on the plate, to prevent the plate from cracking, seasoning: salt, MSG, chicken essence, soy sauce, peanut butter are all in the right amount.

The practice of red fish dry ribs porridge Step 1

Put the ginger slices and winter vegetables in the porridge first, and cook on low heat. 1. Put the dried red fish down first and use the oil to explode. 2. Pour the fried pork ribs and dried red fish into the porridge and cook over medium heat. 3. When stirring, pay attention to stirring to avoid sticking to the pan. 4. Cook until the pork ribs are cooked and add all the seasonings to season. Cook for another 10 minutes on low heat, pour the celery grains and green onion, and stir just fine ,, (* ^ __ ^ *) … hee hee, fragrant and sticky, adding salted fish when cooking porridge is very appetizing of,

The practice of red fish dry ribs porridge Step 2

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