Potato Braised Meat

Potatoes are super versatile and delicious.

Potatoes are super versatile and delicious.


Pork belly 500g
potato 2 pcs
Spicy bean paste A spoonful
soy sauce A spoonful
Sugar, salt One teaspoon each
Cooking wine A teaspoon
Ginger, garlic, dried chili a little
pepper a little

First clean the pork belly, dice it and put it in a pressure cooker (according to personal preference, other pots are available), then add spicy bean paste, soy sauce, sugar, pepper, ginger, cooking wine and mix well, marinate for ten minutes;

Then prepare the potatoes, I usually like to dice the potatoes;

Add an appropriate amount of water to the pressure cooker, cover the pot, and simmer for 15 minutes on a low fire. It is recommended to add more water to avoid paste;

In a short time, I will buy time to get other dishes. After the pressure of the pressure cooker is over, open the lid and add the prepared diced potatoes;

Add the dried chili and simmer for ten minutes, then add a little more salt and you're done.

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