Pickled fish


Pickled fish If two or three people eat 3 kg
Old sauerkraut, cucumber One tree each
Tender meat powder, garlic, chili, cooking wine, salted sugar chicken powder and white pepper powder The right amount
Egg white One

Fish processing: first slice the fish in half and then wash it, then marinate it with tender meat powder, egg white and white pepper powder.

The practice of sauerkraut fish Step 1

The old pickled cabbage is cut off, the cucumber is cut into long strips, and the garlic is flattened

Put garlic and chili into the oil pan and saute, add old sauerkraut and saute, then add water.

After the water boils, put the fish, put the head fish bones that are not easy to cook, and then put the fish fillets. Because the pickled radish and sauerkraut are salty, no salt is added. If the saltiness is not enough, you can add some salt.

Place the cucumbers in the basin, and then put the cooked fish into the basin. Because the fish is hot, the cucumbers are braised directly by the heat of the soup.

Another waterless pot, you can also use a kitchen paper towel to dry the water in the pot, put in edible oil to heat up, put in white sesame, after the oil is boiled, pour it on the plate of pickled fish.

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