This dessert is a dream I have always made ~ I finally made it a year ago ~

This dessert is a dream I have always made ~ I finally made it a year ago ~


Chocolate Hazelnut Sauce 100g
water 100g
butter 45g
salt A pinch
Low powder 60g
egg 2 pcs
yolk 3
Fine sugar 75g
Low powder 25g
milk 250ml
Vanilla pods 1 stick
butter 120g
Egg liquid for painting The right amount
almond slices The right amount

Basic puff batter ingredients: 100g water, 45g butter, a pinch of salt, 60g low powder, 2 eggs

Preparation: sieve with low powder, warm eggs, warm butter and cut into small pieces

Put water, butter, and salt in a pot, and boil until the butter melts and boils

Turn off the heat, add the low powder once, stir until sticky, turn on the fire, and continue to stir until a layer of batter sticks to the bottom of the pot

Transfer the batter to the basin, add the egg liquid in portions and stir until the batter drops and leave the inverted triangular batter on the spatula

Chocolate and hazelnut cream stuffing: Castella cream 260g, butter 120g, chocolate hazelnut paste 100g

Castella cream: 3 egg yolks, 75g fine sugar, 25g low powder, 250ml milk, 1 vanilla pod

Steps to make custard cream: cut the vanilla pods and scrape out the seeds, heat with milk to a boil and turn off the heat, break up the egg yolks, add fine granulated sugar and low powder, stir well, pour the milk into the stir, filter back to the pot, Stir and cook until sticky, turn off the heat and pour into a basin to cool, close to cover with a layer of plastic wrap and refrigerate.

The Paris-Brest approach Step 8

Step: Stir the butter to a creamy shape, and custard cream and chocolate hazelnut paste until soft. Mix the butter and custard cream first, then mix in the chocolate hazelnut paste, refrigerate in a decorative bag

Baked puff skin material: basic puff batter, appropriate egg liquid, almond slices

Preparation: Spread a thin layer of butter on the baking tray with your palm, draw a 12cm circle on the baking tray with flour and mold, and soak the almond slices in water

Big wheel: use a round flower mouth to extrude a circle of batter along the 12cm circle, then squeeze a circle outside the circle of batter, and finally squeeze a circle above the middle of these two circles, brush a layer of egg liquid , Use a fork to smooth the surface slightly, put almond slices, 180 degrees for 50 minutes.

The Paris-Brest approach Step 12

Small wheels: draw a 12cm circle with a baking tray, squeeze a circle of batter along the circle, 180 degrees for 40 minutes

The Paris-Brest approach Step 13

Combination: The large wheel is cut from 1/3, the upper half is used as a lid, and the lower half needs to be squeezed with cream.

The Paris-Brest approach Step 14

Squeeze the cream filling along the lower half of the big wheel

The Paris-Brest approach Step 15

Put the wheel on

The Paris-Brest approach Step 16

Cover the puffs with cream filling on the outside of the small wheels from bottom to top

The Paris-Brest approach Step 17

Finally, squeeze another round of cream filling directly above the small wheel, and cover the upper half of the large wheel

The Paris-Brest approach Step 18

Sprinkle with a thin layer of powdered sugar and refrigerate and set. Cut the block with a hot knife.

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