Mommy's secret braised pork belly

Mom's great food! Finally learned!

Mom's great food! Finally learned!


Pork belly 1 kg
very light blue 4 roots
Garlic head 5 pcs
Ginger slices 2 tablets
star anise 2 pcs
Cassia 1 small piece
Geranium 2 tablets
Dried chili 2-3
Sooty 2 teaspoons
crystal sugar 5 small grains
salt The right amount
water The right amount

Put the pork belly in boiling water to remove the smell of blood, pick it up, and cut into small pieces

Heat the pot, pour vegetable oil, add ginger slices, garlic, light white, star anise, cinnamon, bay leaf and other fragrant incense, pour pork belly and stir-fry until the meat changes color

Pour in the soy sauce and color, continue to stir fry, add rock sugar, pour the water without meat, boil until the water is boiled and simmer for 35 minutes.

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