Mango Sticky Rice Ball

This is Jun Zhi's recipe. Let me show you!

This is Jun Zhi's recipe. Let me show you!


Glutinous rice noodles 90g
corn starch 10 grams
Coconut milk 150 grams
milk 50 grams
Powdered sugar 50 grams
butter 15 grams
yolk 1
Mango 2 pcs
Coconut The right amount
Cooked glutinous rice flour (for anti-sticking) The right amount

Coconut milk, milk, egg yolk, powdered sugar, butter melted into a liquid, and other ingredients are all put into a large bowl, stir well

The practice of mango glutinous rice dumpling Step 1

Pour in glutinous rice flour and corn starch, continue to mix evenly with a manual egg beater, into a thin paste

Pour the mixture into a container that can be put into a steamer (usually a domestic porcelain bowl is enough), cover with a layer of plastic wrap, put in a steamer, steam on high heat and turn to medium heat for 20 minutes

After the batter is steamed, it solidifies. After cooling slightly, stir the glutinous rice dough with chopsticks to make it smooth and delicate

After stirring, after cooling, put in the refrigerator to refrigerate for 1-2 hours (the dough is very sticky when the steam is just steamed, and it will be better after refrigeration. If the glutinous rice dough after refrigeration is still very sticky, you can refrigerate as much as possible. time)

Mango meat cut into small cubes

The practice of mango glutinous rice dumpling Step 6

Weigh a portion of cooled glutinous rice dough of about 30 grams (it can also be divided into your favorite size), dip some cooked glutinous rice flour into the palm to prevent sticking, and flatten the dough

Put a few mango cubes in the center of the dough and wrap

Put the wrapped dough in a circle of coconut paste to make a layer of coconut paste stick on the surface, and the mango glutinous rice noodles will be ready (if the mango is wrapped, the surface of the dough will be sticky with too much cooked glutinous rice flour, the coconut may not be too much) Easy to stick, you can brush the surface with mango juice or purified water to make the surface sticky, and the coconut can stick.) After making it, put it in the refrigerator and keep it for 4 hours. It is best to finish it within one day

Finished product!

The practice of mango glutinous rice dumpling Step 10

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