Leek pie

Very tasty favorite from childhood

Very tasty favorite from childhood


flour 100g
water 50g
yeast 1 ~ 2g
soy sauce
Chicken essence
Chili powder
Sesame oil

Yeast is melted in warm water and allowed to stand for 5 minutes, then poured into flour and kneaded into a smooth dough. Cover and ferment to twice as large

Wash chopped leeks, add a little sesame oil and chicken essence, mix well, then put in microwave for 1 minute

After taking out, add a little soy sauce, chili powder and salt, mix well and let stand

After the dough is fermented, take out the exhaust and re-knead it. Then, add a 30g or so.

Pour oil and heat in the pan, turn to medium-low heat, add leek cake, etc. Golden side, then turn side to fry golden brown

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