Gelato Honey Gelato

I will fall in love with it!

I will fall in love with it!


Fresh Orange Juice 375mL
Korean grapefruit honey 100mL
milk 250mL
yolk 3
White sugar 70g
Light cream 125mL

The milk is heated to a slightly bubbling state, but does not boil.

Beat the egg yolk with a blender until it is whitish, add sugar and beat to make it fluffy.

Pour the slightly boiling milk into the egg yolk, stirring constantly.

Pour step 3 back into the pot, continue to heat on medium-low heat, keep stirring, and cook until very thick.

Filter step 4 with a filter to cool down with cold water. After cooling, pour light cream, grapefruit honey and orange juice, mix well, and put in the refrigerator to refrigerate. Stir every hour during refrigeration and repeat 4-5 times until completely frozen and solidified.

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