Fried noodles


noodles Half a catty
Minced pork A catty
Dried tofu 4 pieces
Soy sprouts
Shallot Ginger The right amount
A bag of sweet pasta sauce
Two scoops of juicy bean paste
salt A spoonful
soy sauce A spoonful

Pour twice as much oil into the pan as usual, and when it is 40% hot, put the minced pork

Chop fresh ginger into fine minced meat and stir fry with minced meat

Change to medium heat, stir-fry until the minced meat emits a fragrance, and the color is white

The sweet noodle sauce is torn apart and the whole bag is poured in. Dig two spoons of soy bean paste into it. Continue to stir fire

According to the thickness of the meat sauce, pour most of the bowl of boiling water and turn to high heat

Pour the dried tofu into small pieces and boil it, stirring it with a spatula to avoid paste

Add two tablespoons of soy sauce as needed to increase the umami and cook slowly for 7 or 8 minutes

Cook until the meat sauce and the oil are separated. After the oil in the sauce is forced out, turn off the fire! Sprinkle a little more green onion. Mix well and a pot of fragrant sauce is ready. The flesh is red and bright, the fragrance is overflowing …

Put cold water in the pot, open the fire, after the water is boiled, throw in the noodles and cook. (The water is wider, it is not easy to stick when cooking noodles)

Serve in a large bowl, put the dishes you like, pour a tablespoon of fried sauce, mix well and you can start to eat

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