Fange Mud Soup


Arrowroot 1 kg
Mud 1 kg
Barley 30g
Chixiaodou 30g
Candied dates 2 pcs
Orange peel 1/3 piece
Ginger slices 2 pieces
salt The right amount

First clean the raw materials of the powdered kudzu peeled and cut into pieces, mud carp, red bean, barley and other materials.

Heat the pan and pour vegetable oil, add ginger slices, put mud carp, fry the mud carp on medium and low heat until the fish flesh is yellow

Put the kudzu, fried mullet, red bean, barley, candied dates, tangerine peel, pour 6 bowls of water in the casserole, and cook on high heat until the water is boiled and cook for 2 hours

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