Double-flavored shrimp

Snacks and supper are the most suitable, beautiful and delicious

Snacks and supper are the most suitable, beautiful and delicious


Shrimp (peeled)
Cheese slices or cheese sticks
A small amount of milk
A small amount of lemon juice
Salad dressing
Black pepper
Jam side: sugar, pineapple, strawberry, raspberry, strawberry

Potatoes peeled and cooked, chopsticks can easily penetrate

When cooking the potatoes, treat the shrimps, peel them, cut them on the back to remove the fishy threads, boil them over water, let the shrimps curl up

Mashed potatoes, divided into two

Cheese mash: add salad dressing to the mashed potatoes, a small amount of lemon juice, a small amount of milk, stir well

Black pepper mashed potatoes: mashed potatoes with black pepper, salt, and a little green onion. . . Diced onion is best

Cheese Shrimp Balls: Take a ball of mashed potatoes, knead them into a ball, buckle a small hole in the middle, add shrimps, diced cheese slices or cheese sticks, and form a ball. If the ball leaks, the cheese will flow out

Black Pepper Prawn Balls: Black pepper mashed potatoes, wrapped shrimps into balls

Put the ball on the oiled baking tray and apply a layer of egg liquid

Into the oven, bake at 220 degrees until the skin is a little bit burnt, you can start to eat

The practice of dessert side: cut the fruit into small pieces, add a small amount of lemon juice, it is best to have a little fruit wine, pickle, boil a little caramel, add the pickled fruit, cook it for a while, you can find the fruit with the taste, Like strawberries and raspberries

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