Deep Fried Pork Chop

Pork tenderloin is good for kids

Pork tenderloin is good for kids


Pork tenderloin
One egg
Salt MSG
Bread crumbs
Tomato sauce (dipping)

Cut pork tenderloin into 0.6 cm thick slices. Use a knife to lightly cut a few knives on the meat.

Meat skin with a little salt, MSG rice wine, egg and starch, stir and marinate for 20 minutes (if you are in a hurry, 2 minutes or a little more salt)

Then put the marinated meat in the bread crumbs and press it with your palm a few times (the bread crumbs are put in a flat pan)

Just fry the oil pan to golden brown (wait until the oil temperature is around 120, put down the pork chops and cook)

Remove the cut pieces and eat them

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