Coconut Melaleuca Bread

Small changes in BRIC bread. Added coconut flavour to make it richer ~

Small changes in BRIC bread. Added coconut flavour to make it richer ~


Flour 380g
Low-gluten flour (sieve for use) 120g
Dry yeast 10g
Fine sugar 50g
milk powder 15g
egg 75g
water 225g
salt Five quarters spoon
butter 260g
Coconut 70g

Put the ingredients other than butter into the bread machine, knead until the dough is firm, add butter and continue to stir, knead to the expansion stage. After taking out the dough, quickly put it in the freezer of the refrigerator and freeze for 30 minutes.

While the dough is freezing, place the sliced butter on a thin powdered panel and roll it into a rectangle.

After taking out the frozen noodles, roll them into a rectangle with a length three times the width of the butter. Then put butter.

Cover the butter with dough and pinch the edges and joints tightly. Continue to roll the buttered dough into a rectangle, then fold in 1/4. The other side is also folded up and joined together. Fold the dough in half again, this time at a time of 4 folds.

Then roll the dough into a rectangle and evenly sprinkle with coconut. Then fold it into three folds like a quilt, and complete 3 folds once. Roll out the folded dough to a thickness of 2cm.

Use a knife to cut off the irregular edges, and then divide the rectangular patch. Roll into a favorite shape.

Place in a warm and humid place for final fermentation. When it is about 8 minutes full, brush the egg liquid on the surface, put it into the preheated 180 ° C oven, lower layer, heat up and down, 35 minutes, put it on the rack and let it cool.

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