Chicken noodles with soy sauce and shredded chicken


chicken breast
Pixian bean paste
Soybean paste (sweet noodle sauce)
soy sauce
Shredded onion and minced garlic
Shredded cucumber, bean sprouts, shredded carrot

Shred the chicken breasts and mix well with cooking wine and a little raw powder.

The bean sprouts are boiled and spared; the noodles are cooked in cold water and reserved for normal use.

Stir-fry scallion and garlic with hot oil, fry the shredded pork until whitish, pour in cooking wine and stir-fry, add Pixian bean paste, soybean paste, a little soy sauce.

Add a little boiled water and bring to a boil. Use a little white sugar to freshen and sprinkle a little green onion before leaving the pot.

Add noodles to the noodles, pour the sauce and minced peanuts.

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