Burmese tea salad raw noodles

Summer must-have

Summer must-have


Guilin Chili Sauce
green tea
soy sauce
sesame oil
Green onions
peanut butter
cabbage May not
Red pepper May not

1. Make 1/2 bowl (small bowl for serving rice) of green tea for use;

2. Soak 1/3 bowl of seaweed soup (just no seaweed, not too much water), add sesame oil and soy sauce and mix well;

3 Cook the fine noodles, cool the water, and put it in the refrigerator for use

4. Wash and chop tomatoes, chop green onions, chop two slices of lemon, chop red pepper, and chop cabbage;

5. Guilin chili paste + 1 green tea + 2 seaweed soup + 3 + peanut butter + sugar + salt, stir and pour into the noodles.

6 After mixing, it can be seasoned by itself, the taste is not enough, you can use any of the above spices to add even

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