Braised Saury with Sour Garlic

Authentic Ledong taste

Authentic Ledong taste


400 grams of saury (Soak in the right amount of salt water for 10 minutes)
Ginger slices
Sour garlic 300g
Chicken essence, salt

Ingredients: 400 grams of saury (soaked in brine for 10 minutes), appropriate amount of ginger slices, 300 grams of sour garlic (forgot to shoot this) Seasoning: chicken essence, salt (because the fish has been soaked in salt water, it has a little bit of sour garlic itself It's salty, so make sure you put it on your own)

Braised saury with sour garlic Step 1

Method: 1. Heat the oil in the pan first, put the saury in it and fry it until it is slightly golden on both sides. 2. Turn it over and fry it. , Pour the sour garlic in the middle of the pan, mix it with chopsticks, let it sit for 1 minute, (still medium heat), 4. Put the ginger slices, 5. Add water, the water just over the fish, just pour a few drops of old Vinegar, (add when you stew the fish, you can remove the fishy smell) 6. Close the lid, stew for 6 minutes, add MSG when it is stuffy, try the taste, see if you want to add some salt

Braised saury with sour garlic Step 2

If you do n’t know Western saury, you can check out the following introduction: Western saury: formerly known as long-sword saury, saury, distributed in the warm waters of the Indo-Pacific, starting from the Red Sea in the west, east of Africa, east to the Solomon Islands, and north to Taiwan , South to northern Australia. The waters around Taiwan and Penghu are both produced. The maximum body length is 100cm, and it mainly feeds on small fish and occasionally eats crustaceans. The side of the body is flat and narrow, and the dorsal edge is nearly straight; the ventral edge is sharp but not scaly, and the appearance is like a short knife, so it is called a saury. Short head and flat back. The kiss is medium in length. The eyes are small and have fatty eyelids. The mouth is large, steeply upward, and the lower jaw protrudes above the upper jaw; the end of the upper jaw extends back to or over the anterior gill cap; the front and upper jaws have sharp canine teeth, and there are fine teeth on both sides of the upper jaw and the palate. The number of gill rakes is 7 + 14. The body is thin and round scales, which are easy to fall off; the base of the dorsal and anal fins has developed scale sheaths; the base of the pectoral and ventral fins has axillary scales; the base of the tail fins is also finely scaled. The dorsal and anal fins are located in the rear half of the fish body, with a soft strip 16 of the dorsal fin; the base of the anal fin is long with a flexible strip 30-34; The back of the body is turquoise and the ventral silvery white. The fins are yellow or yellow; the tail fins have black edges.

Braised saury with sour garlic Step 3

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