Blueberry mousse cake


Cake slice 1
blueberry 250G
sugar 80G
Yogurt 150G
Fish film 15G
Light cream 200G
Blueberry juice (jelly layer) 200G
Fish film (jelly layer) 5G

The gelatin tablets are soaked in cold water and then added to the mango puree to melt the insulation water to melt

Add yogurt and mix well

The whipped cream is taken directly from the refrigerator and sent to about 5 minutes, that is, the degree of dripping and it will disappear faster.

2 and 3 mixed

Spread the cake slices in the six-inch round mold, pour the cake batter from step 4 and gently shake off the bubbles, and freeze for more than half an hour in the refrigerator

Put a piece of fish film in the blueberry juice, soften it in water and pour it on the mousse layer, refrigerate for more than 4 hours

Take it out and heat it with a hair dryer to decorate it.

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