Bean paste water spinach

Water spinach=convolvulus

Water spinach=convolvulus


Water spinach
Tempeh 5 pcs
Bean paste
Garlic clove 2-3
Non-GMO Rapeseed Oil
Millet pepper 1

After washing treatment, cut off, the stem and leaves are separated,

After the oil is hot, add the first minced garlic and a millet of spicy minced pork and 4-5 black bean sauce, deep-fried

Into the stem and fry it,

Next leaves, add another minced garlic clove and a piece of white spicy tofu and bean paste and sugar and a little vegetable and mushroom soup powder, stir well and turn off the heat

Quickly season again (I'll put less when cooking), I would rather add it after it's ready, so it's quicker and easier to yellow

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