White sugar bread


Soup: 15g flour, 75g water
Dough: 375 grams of high-gluten flour
90g white sugar
4 grams of yeast
15g milk powder
3 eggs
30 grams of water
Soup all
Salad oil 15g

Method 1. Knead the dough. 2. The prepared dough. High-gluten flour, sugar, yeast, milk powder, eggs, water (see the hygroscopicity of flour), all types of soup, all put in a bread bucket, knead the dough according to the sweet bread program, and add salad oil when the dough surface is smooth, Wait for the bread machine to knead the noodles. Send it to twice the size. 3. If you don't have a bread machine, you can knead it by hand, or just beat the dough until you can stretch a film. 4. Continue to beat. 5. Divide into 10 fen small doses, round and wake up for 5 minutes. 6. Take a dough and roll it out. 7. Roll it up into an oval shape. 8. Fermentation for 30 minutes, twice as large. Sprinkle coarse sugar on the surface. 9. The oven is 170 degrees, the middle layer is baked for 15 minutes. After baking, take out a thin layer of honey on the surface and let it cool. You can eat it. Does not dry out.

The practice of white sugar bread Step 1

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