Sweet and sour fritters

Mom makes it ~~ It's delicious

Mom makes it ~~ It's delicious


Fritters Both 2-6
Water starch
soy sauce

Cut the fritters diagonally into sections, fry them in the pot and remove them.

Adjust the juice, put sugar according to your taste, pour vinegar (preferably with rice vinegar) just not over sugar. A little salt and soy sauce.

Chopped green onion, ginger and garlic. Stir in the bowl of juice and mix well. Pour a small amount of water (depending on how much fritters).

Pour the bowl of juice into the pot, boil over medium heat, add a little water starch (according to the proportion of water), the water starch is gradually poured into the pot, stir with a shovel.

Depending on how thick the pan is, it will turn into a fish bubble, pour the fritters in, stir, and leave the pan. (Can be sprinkled with coriander)

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