Steamed fish with prunes

Essential for weight loss! Fresh and delicious! > _ <

Essential for weight loss! Fresh and delicious! > _ <


Middle section of fish (just whatever fish you like, middle section) A while
Shallot 5 roots
Red pepper 3
Shredded dried plums The right amount
Steamed fish sauce The right amount
Rice wine The right amount
salt a little
sugar a little
sesame oil A few drops
Ginger slices 5 tablets
White pepper a little

Buy the fish and wash it, cut a few holes in the meat, smear it with a little salt, cooking wine and white pepper, and marinate for 30 minutes.

You can do other preparations while pickling. Wash the dried plums, don't soak them, just wash them. One green onion is cut into green onions, and the other four are cleaned and rolled up. Ginger slices. Shred red pepper.

Put the ginger slices evenly on the plate, marinate the fish on the ginger slices, pour two spoons of soy sauce and a little rice wine, sprinkle with clean dried prunes and sprinkle with a little sugar to freshen. The amount of soy sauce, rice wine, and the amount of sugar, as well as whether or not to put salt, depends entirely on how much fish is, how much salt is marinated, and whether the dried plums bought are heavy in taste, it is difficult to tell clearly. You can put it a little less first, and see if you want to add it when the steaming is fast. Otherwise, it is too sweet or too salty.

Put onion rolls and shredded red pepper on it. Look at the picture.

Steamed fish with dried plums Step 4

Then put it in the steamer and steam. It's just cooked after steaming for about 15 minutes, the fish is quite cooked. The key is to enjoy it.

Taste whether it tastes good, and finally season it.

Start cooking, sprinkle green onions and pour a few drops of sesame oil. Serve.

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