Shrimp with mushroom sauce

The taste is very strong, people who love shrimp say that I ca n’t stop eating

The taste is very strong, people who love shrimp say that I ca n’t stop eating


Tiger shrimp
White mushroom
soy sauce
Black pepper
Cooking wine
pepper powder

Take the shrimp shells: Thaw the shrimps, peel them off, put them in a separate bowl, and dry them slightly.

Processing shrimp: Put the shrimp in another bowl, add black pepper, salt, sugar, chili powder, ginger powder, garlic powder, pepper powder, cooking wine, a small amount of anise powder, soy sauce, and mix well. Vegetable oil depends on the situation. If you like crunchy shrimp, don't add or add a little bit. If you are not going to dip flour, add more vegetable oil. Put the plastic wrap on the shrimp cover and set aside (or put in the refrigerator if you want to marinate for more than 30 minutes). It can be marinated for 20 minutes to 1 hour, as you like.

Handling mushrooms: White mushrooms are cut into small pieces about 0.5 cm long.

To make shrimp soup: Add a little vegetable oil or butter to the pot and remove the shrimp shells. When the shrimp shells are all red, you will smell the smell of shrimp, which is a bit like fried shrimp, which is a little lighter than that. Add water at this time. After boiling, cook on low heat for 20-30 minutes. After cooking, sift the soup and throw away the shrimp shells.

Fried shrimp: Take out the shrimp. If you are not going to dip the flour, you can go straight to the pan. If you dip the flour, just dip it on both sides. Spread a little if you like thinner, and wrap it up if you like thicker ones. The pan is hot. If you don't add flour, you can just fry it. If adding flour, add appropriate amount of vegetable oil or butter to the pot. Without flour, one side is almost the same in a minute. Both sides of the shrimp are slightly golden, and the bottom of the pot is slightly carbonized. If flour is added, it will be crispy on both sides. Then serve the shrimp.

Making Mushroom Juice: Do not wash the pot, stir-fry the chopped mushrooms until the liquid is almost evaporated. Add the shrimp broth you made earlier, add a spoon or two of soy sauce, and bring to a boil. After the liquid has been reduced to 1/2, the wet starch is added to make the soup thicker. Almost ready, try the taste and see if there is no shortage of salt. Just adjust the taste.

Final assembly: Put the shrimp on top of the rice, then pour the prepared mushroom thick sauce. You can start eating.

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