Shiitake Mushroom Egg

Conscience recipes. It's really delicious.

Conscience recipes. It's really delicious.


Shiitake mushrooms

Mushrooms soak well in advance. Then dice. If you like fineness, you can cut it small. If you like mushrooms, you can cut it bigger.

Beat the eggs, add the right amount of salt, a little sugar, continue to beat, beat the salt evenly. Sugar can be umami, but it should be added less and disgusting. I usually use three to five eggs. Shiitake mushrooms account for almost one-third of egg consumption.

Add more oil to the pan than the usual scrambled eggs. But it's not so much used to fry things. The temperature of the oil must be so high that it starts to smoke. The eggs are so fragrant.

Throw the shiitake mushrooms first, then pour the egg liquid after turning over a few times. Turn on the fire after the fire has been on for dozens of seconds. After the egg liquid is almost completely solidified, turn it over and continue to fry. I feel that the other side is almost cooked too. After a little bit of focus, I can install it.

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