Pasta Carrot and Shallot Fresh Meat Pie

Love to eat all kinds of stuffed pies

Love to eat all kinds of stuffed pies


Angel high activity dry yeast powder
Minced meat
Green onions
Sesame oil, salt, cooking wine, chicken essence, soy sauce

Use minced meat, chopped carrots, green onions, salt, sprinkle, sesame oil, soy sauce, chicken essence to make meat

Yeast is added to the flour (the yeast is pulverized with a little water), the water is made into a dough with an even and soft appearance, and fermented

Ferment the noodles well, add a bit of baking soda (use a little hydration), add a little dry flour, knead and divide into small dough

Use a spatula to skin the dough

Wrap the meat into small pie shapes

When frying in an induction cooker, put a small amount of oil in the pan to put the pie, fry the pie on both sides and cook it.

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