Loose sushi


Cooked rice 2 servings
Loose sushi seasoning bag (including sushi vinegar and some pickles) 1 package
Loose sushi condiment (mainly seaweed and sesame) 1 package
egg 2 pcs
tomato 1 ~ 2
Ham sausage /Lunch
vegetables 2, 3 trees

While cooking rice, scramble eggs (add salt while stirring), cut tomatoes, ham sausage /lunch.

Boil the greens and cut them into small pieces, let cool and mix with a little salt

Spread the cooked rice on a large plate to dissipate the heat.

Sprinkle the loose sushi seasoning on the warm rice, and stir gently.

Put the rice on the plate, and then spread the vegetables, ham, eggs, tomatoes (in any order)

Then sprinkle the loose sushi condiment package and finish!

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