Kitty cat yogurt mousse

Light and refreshing, everyone loves everyone ~~

Light and refreshing, everyone loves everyone ~~


Plain yogurt 150g
Soaked fish film (spare) 10g
Powdered sugar (personal sweetness comes here) 40 ~ 50g
Light cream (just paste it) 350g
Cool white 70g
1 piece of Qifeng cake bad embryo (6 inches)
Appropriate amount of melted chocolate
Red, yellow pigment One toothpick each

Put the fish film in a cool white bubble (spare)

Mix yogurt + powdered sugar evenly

Heat the fish film in water to make it melt and cool, stir well with 2

Whip the cream into a paste and mix well with 3

Pour out some cake batter and add red and yellow pigments

Put the pink paste on the bow in the cat mold, pour the nose part into the yellow one and put it in the refrigerator to freeze for 1 minute

After taking out, pour half of the mousse paste into the mold, put a slice of Qifeng cake slice, pour the remaining part into the mold, and finally put it in the refrigerator to freeze for 4-8 hours, then I can mold out Generally it will be frozen for one night, and it is very good to demold in two days.

After ejecting the mold, put the melted chocolate into the decorating bag through water, cut a small mouth and squeeze your eyes to complete it!

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